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Nanjing Quarantine Services, Jiangsu Province,
People's Republic of China

Livestock Air Corporation can facilitate the importation of cattle into China through our association with Nanjing Quarantine Services.

Nanjing Quarantine Services operates a government licensed quarantine station on the outskirts of Nanjing city.

The quarantine station has a capacity of 3500 head of cattle and is located on 100 acres of land. The quarantine station is one of the foremost facilities in China, being managed by a qualified veterinarian and adopting world's best practices for the management of livestock in the most modern of facilities.

Deep-water port facilities are only 15km from the quarantine station and Nanjing International airport is only 15 minutes by road from the facility. The airport has the capacity to handle wide-bodied aircraft.

The city is the ancient Capital of China. Its place was cemented when Dr Sun Yat Sen in 1912 founded the People's Republic of China and made Nanjing its capital. The city has excellent port, rail, road and air facilities allowing the further distribution of stock to all parts of China.

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